Childhood Anecdotes — Making Wigs

“Hey! Tomboy, tomboy!” As before, my friends and relatives always loved to call me that. But what could I do, why should I have a black shiny short hair! One day, I was lying on the bed to watch TV, listlessly and lackadaisically. All of a sudden, an abandoned black wool caught my attention. I touched my own hair and told to myself, “Hey, this is great! God help me, I can do wigs myself for me. So since then they won’t call me tomboy any more, and the wool also can be turned into treasure from waste.”

Well, start right now and brave it out! I picked up a fine wire and curled it into a circle which was as big as my head. Then, I cut a piece of wool into many lines of equal length with scissors. Next, tying them all to the wires. “Well, this is really troublesome. How long will it take?” But at the thought of the “tomboy”, I couldn’t help but do it again. Afterwards, I got some colourful little clips and glued them to the circle of the wire.

Great! Finally it’s done, I watched my own masterpiece and felt so happy. Maybe later I could do some hair extensions or clip in hair extensions when grow up. Then I went to the mirror, wearing the wig and appreciating myself. “Well, well, well, I am really like a lady!” I wondered that the wig could also sell a good price after that my own hair growing longer, but I was really a bit reluctant! “Really good-looking! Really good-looking!” I said to myself. With my chin in one hand, the other hand on the waist, I did the buttocks wriggling myself. I just felt myself really like a decent movie star! Hey, so good, I was so cheerful.

Ping-ping! who is at the door, oh! It was mom and dad came back, I hurried to open the door, “Oh! My God!” Seeing my stranger outlook, my parents were very surprised. Mother covered the belly and laughed to bent, and her tears were flowing out. She said, “It is really the mischief done by ugly person.” It was so interesting that I felt a little embarrassed and lied on the bed laughing. The whole family were merged into a cheerful atmosphere.

It’s been a long time, but I haven’t forgotten it. Up to now, I’m still so young. I still treasure that wig and the name “tomboy” rings still in my ear.