Ghost Story: Your Wig Looks So Good

Mrs Xiao is a student in XXX University who has a long black hair, making other girls feel envy. One day, Mrs Xiao’s friend Mrs Qi asks why Mrs Xiao’s hair is so long and black. Xiaoqing gives a mysterious smile, slowly reveal the reason: every week she goes to a haircut shop located in the gate of their school, so her hair can be so long and black.

So Mrs Qi goes to the shop in a Friday. And the hair cutter tells her that all she need is to just have a full sleep, when she wakes up, everything will be completed. Half day has passed. Mrs Qi wakes up and finds that her hair becomes black and straight, and she knows that her hair was originally yellow and slightly curly before. “How much is this?” She asks. The cutter answers there is no need to pay money at first for it is a medical course and will take one or two months to show effects. All she needs to do is to come here every week. Mrs Qi is so happy and promises that and comes back home.

Next day, Mrs Qi’s classmates ask her why she went to the wig shop last day. Mrs Qi is so strange and answers that she have not gone to the wig shop but the haircut shop. “Don’t you find that my hair has become so black and straight?” She asks her classmates. “Qi, how could your hair be as beautiful as Mrs Xiao’s.” her classmates said. Qi thought, “Yes, it certainly doesn’t work right now.” The bell rang and Qi returned to her seat. During class, she found that Mrs Xiao’s seat is empty. She feels so curious and wonders that there must be another wig shop beside the haircut shop.

The second week at the same time, Mrs Xiao appeared again, still with long black hair. After school, Mrs Xiao took Mrs Qi to the hair shop do care. There were many hair cares in that shop like hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and so on. So it lasted one or two months until the winter vacation. Mrs Qi washed her hair at home, and her hair fell off very seriously. When it was finished, the pond was full of hair, but Mrs Qi did not seem to know it. After the evening, when Mrs Qi fell asleep, Mrs Xiao appeared. “Shit, Mrs Qi’s hair is also in a low quality. Really don’t know whether there will be a buyer for it. Forget it. Let me take it back first.” At this time, the haircut shop is still on the run, but it has become a wig shop. Mrs Qi’s hair is priced as five hundred and thirty thousand Yuan.

In the morning, Mrs Qi woke up and found herself becoming an old woman with no hair. So she killed herself. She came to the underworld, where the ghosts had all kinds of hair. And they praised each other with only one sentence, “your wig looks so great.”